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Caring and compassionate animal health care providers in Aurora, CO.

As we all know, certain family pets have shorter lifespans than others. We can treat any underlying issues using a variety of diagnostic tests and procedures. Pets, of course, have long been considered family members. In medical situations, they have a right to be treated with compassion and tolerance. Contact your Local Animal Hospital in Aurora, CO.

Animal Hospital Aurora, CO: the care your furry companion needs

It's common knowledge that if your pet isn't feeling well, you should take them to an animal shelter or a hospital. Your four-legged family members require the best possible care. It's great if you are greatly concerned with your pet's health. General pet care, immunization programs, nutrition counseling, and internal and external parasite avoidance are provided following a thorough medical examination.

Vet in Aurora CO

At our Animal Hospital in Aurora, CO, we are committed to providing our patients with a comprehensive healthcare package and the highest quality veterinarian treatment. We offer a separate care package for your cats and dogs, as well as general services for all pets.

Exotic pet care
We have a specific interest in and focus on the scaly, feathered, and finned, from fish to ferrets to guinea pigs, birds, rabbits, reptiles, and everyone in between. Our veterinary specialists are ready to perform diagnostic exams, checkups, and even surgeries.

Emergency health care
Our facility is open 24/7 to cater to your emergency needs; mind you, there are some certain cases we are not capable of handling but don't worry because we are going to provide first aid before handing them over to other pet hospitals in Aurora that are more than capable.

We have you covered, from standard procedures like spays and neuters to complex orthopedic procedures and other surgery.

We only utilize the safest anesthesia for your pet's comfort and offer epidurals and other modern pain-relief drugs. We also use the same patient-monitoring equipment (EKG, respiratory, blood oxygen, and blood pressure monitors) used in human medicine to ensure your pet's safety. We'll call you right after surgery, but you're welcome to wait in our lounge room during the procedure. You can drop by during business hours while your pet is with us, and you can always phone to speak with one of our nurses about your pet's condition.

Routine check-ups
Just like individuals should visit their doctor regularly, your pet should visit their animal clinics in Aurora as well. We encourage frequent wellness examinations for your pet, twice a year for seniors and once a year for everyone else, including exotic species, to help preserve the optimum quality of life for your pet. Ongoing dental care, vaccines, fecal tests (for parasite control), exercise, and a well-balanced diet are important elements in illness prevention.

We know the importance of good dental health. It alleviates pain when eating, can help avoid heart disease, and contributes to our general health. The same thing should be applied to cats and dogs.

We offer state-of-the-art dental wellness services and the same high-quality dental care that you expect from your dentist or oral surgeon because regular dental check-ups and cleanings are critical to your pet's overall health. We'll give pointers on how to take care of your pet's teeth and give you advice on how to maintain their healthy teeth in the future.


Unfortunately, many of us have experienced the stress and anxiety of trying to locate a lost pet. Because of this, every dog and cat should be microchipped so that if they get lost, any shelter or veterinarian can scan for their chip, which connects to a national database that contains your contact information, allowing you to be reunited as quickly as possible. You can book an appointment at our animal hospital in Aurora, CO, if you are interested.