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Animal wellness center Aurora, CO: What is a senior pet checkup?

Our animals, like humans, require regular check-ups with veterinarians to monitor their health and well-being and ensure early disease diagnosis. This is especially crucial as our pets grow older. As animals age, they are more prone to having health problems, and their bodies and bodily systems no longer work as efficiently as they once did. In reality, age-related changes in animals occur far more quickly than humans might imagine – some creatures are considered 'seniors' at the age of 6 or 7. Thus, our vets at Animal Wellness Center Aurora will share some insights into how we do a health checkup for your senior pets.

Early disease discovery allows for rapid treatment, which can boost their chances of recovery and help them have a better quality of life in their later years. There's no doubt that as a responsible and compassionate owner, you want to do everything possible to keep your pet happy and healthy for as long as possible. Despite this, many owners are unaware of the importance of their senior pet's health examinations or what to expect during the session.

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Consultation with a veterinarian at Pet Wellness Aurora

Before our veterinarian begins a physical examination of your pet, we may want to speak with you to learn more about them and their lifestyle. This can entail asking you questions about what they consume, how often they exercise, and how they act. At Cat Clinic Aurora, one of our veterinarians, if they believe some improvements may be made to improve your pet's overall health, they will give you recommendations. Many elderly pets, for example, should have their diet adjusted to match their age and nutritional requirements. Their new foods may be easier to consume or digest, have fewer calories, or contain vitamins to help them perform better.

Basics Notes
Basic observations can give you a good idea of your pet's health and well-being. Your pet's weight, respiration rate, heart rate, temperature, and general alertness are some of the measures that may be taken.

Examination of the body
This is a typical element of any wellness check and includes a thorough examination of how your pet's body looks and feels from head to tail. One of our veterinarians at Animal Wellness Center Aurora will examine their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, limbs, paws, paw pads, skin, coat, and joints, among other things. They'll check their lymph nodes, which are located in the head, neck, and rear legs, to make sure they're not enlarging. They will also palpate your pet's abdomen to assess the internal organs' shape, size, and position. Our veterinarian may ask you to sit, stand, lie down, and walk around with your pet so that they may assess how they move. Physical examinations can reveal potential anomalies that require further study.

Screening for diagnostic purposes

A standard element of your senior pet's health checkup is diagnostic screening tests. Some of the tests that may be used to inform decisions include:

Tests on the blood (complete blood count and blood chemistry profile)
Scanning with a CT or MRI machine
Testing for heartworms
Testing of the feces
Thyroid examination

Our veterinarians at Animal Wellness Center Aurora will explain what is going on beneath the surface of your pet's body during these tests. This will enable them to diagnose ailments and provide the appropriate therapy early on, improving the outcome and allowing your senior pet to live an entire, active, healthy life.

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Speak to our knowledgeable veterinarian team at Animal Wellness Center Aurora for more information about what to expect at your senior pet's wellness exam.