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Aurora Vet Clinic, CO | Importance of Annual Veterinary Check

As a pet owner, you should set a date for your pet’s annual visit to the veterinarian to have them checked out. Just like humans, your pet needs to visit a vet for regular check-ups to assess their health condition, especially animals age faster than humans do.

What can you do with the kind of budget you have?

Health check-ups will not only give you peace of mind knowing that your pet is in excellent condition, but also potential problems will be detected, and necessary measures will be put in place to prevent the issues from getting worse. At Aurora Vet Clinic, we always emphasize the importance of annual vet check-ups to our clients. Here are some of the critical reasons your pet has to be assessed by an experienced vet every year.

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  • Dental Care
    A dental examination is one of the tests that your vet will perform during your annual visit. The vet will assess your pet’s teeth and mouth to determine whether it needs cleaning. The vet can also detect dental problems before they become serious, including the onset of gum disease. Dental care is necessary, especially in older dogs, because bacteria caused by dental disease may lead to issues with internal organs.

  • Updated with Vaccination Requirements
    A visit to the vet every year is the best way to make sure your pet is updated with the required vaccination to protect them from various diseases. The vet will record all the vaccines administered and will be able to know your pet’s exact needs.

  • Parasite Detection and Treatment
    The control of parasites, such as ticks, fleas, and worms, is one of the situations where prevention is better than cure. You have to keep in mind that fleas can live all year in your home and garden, and ticks can cause several diseases. Your vet can give you advice on how to prevent flea and tick as well as other parasites, such as roundworm and tapeworm,

  • Opportunity to Discuss Concerns
    If your pet is showing abnormalities in its behavior, such as lethargy, increased aggression, or a disinterest in food, a visit to your vet is an excellent opportunity to discuss your concerns. Abnormalities in behavior are always an indication that something is not right with your pet.

  • Also, if you spot any sore, odd-looking lumps, or patches on the body of your pet, it would be best if it is examined by a professional to detect any underlying issues, regardless of how insignificant or small they seem. A lot of major health problems can be treated if they are detected in the early stage.

    These are only some of the reasons why you should take your pet to the vet every year for their annual health check. At Aurora Vet Clinic, we will scrutinize your pet to ensure they get the best care.>

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