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Pets are adorable as they can give us a lot of benefits. Always maintain their healthy condition to avoid some emergencies.

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Emergency Vet Aurora - The Signs Of Pet Emergency

Pets are wonderful creatures; they can keep us company, so we do not feel alone; they are also great at making us feel happy and even safe as they guard our homes. But similar to humans, they can also have some urgent medical attention. They can also feel pain, but, unlike humans, pets are good at hiding pain and symptoms. You might think they are healthy or fine, but in reality, they are suffering from something. An annual checkup could help, but there are times when there is an emergency, and we do not know what to do. It is a great thing that Emergency Vet Aurora is here to take care of your pets any time as we are also known as the 24 Hour Vet Aurora.

When is it an emergency? Here are some situations where you should take your pet to our vets.

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Wounds. Anything that shows bleeding, discharging, or is deeper than superficial scratch is considered an emergency. It is safe to apply first aid in this situation; sanitize your hands and check how deep or serious the wound is. You can apply gauze and try to stop the bleeding, but be very aware when you notice that the bleeding does not stop within 5 minutes from the sensitive parts. It is best to take it to any pet hospital, like Emergency For Pets Aurora, to get urgent medical attention.

Trauma. If you see your pet attacked by another animal, human, or have been hit by a vehicle or another object, do not wait for any signs of injury. Whether there is a sign of pain or injury or nothing at all, you have to take your pet to a hospital right away because internal injuries are more severe than external ones as they could be life-threatening. Also, undiagnosed seizures can be a sign of trauma, so when you see your pet having a seizure attack, do not wait for any second; take it to Emergency Vet Aurora.

Severe vomiting or diarrhea. Your pet will need urgent medical attention when you notice they are vomiting or having diarrhea multiple times a day. Do not waste any second as this is a critical situation as your pet could be dehydrated. Also, do not forget to check the temperature to check for a high fever. And it would also help to bring a stool sample of your pet to our facility for laboratory tests. And if it is the opposite, where your pet experiences constipation or has difficulties defecating, go to a vet right away.

Labor difficulties.You could be very excited in this case because your pet will have kids, which means you will have new members of the family. However, you have to be wary about the situation. You need to observe its laboring intervals; if there are several hours between delivering their babies, wait no longer, call a vet right away. Do not attempt to move your pet as they are in a delicate condition; instead, wait for our emergency team to be there in your home, and we will handle the rest.

Do not worry; we got you covered!

When you think it is an emergency, do not waste any second, take your pet to us, and keep a calm mind because we can handle it for you, giving your pet the best medical attention. You do not need to set an appointment, you can take your pet to our emergency room right away, and our professionals at Emergency Vet Aurora will take care of the rest.