Frequently Asked Questions

Vet Clinic Aurora CO

How often should dogs and cats get bloodwork?
Healthy pets should have blood tests annually to give vets a thorough understanding of their current health condition and develop an individualized care plan for the pet. As for animals with medical conditions and are geriatric, their caregivers are advised to have their pet’s blood screened every 6 months. When a pet gets sick, vets may recommend blood tests on an as-needed basis to help them diagnose accurately.

Does pet insurance cover diagnostic tests?
Yes. A pet health insurance policy covers the costs of diagnostics, such as CBC, X-rays, urinalysis, fecal test, heartworm test, etc. Some insurance companies also offer wellness packages.

Are vaccines covered by pet insurance?
No, unless your pet insurance company offers Wellness Care or Preventive care coverage. Make sure to read the fine print or speak with your insurance agent to have a better understanding of what is or isn’t covered by your pet insurance.

Is it too late to vaccinate my dog or cat?
No, it is never too late to start vaccines. Dogs and cats can be vaccinated anytime during their lifetime. Schedule your dog or cat’s vaccination with us by calling 630-982-3328.

What happens if my puppy or kitten missed its second vaccination?
Your vet’s course of action will depend on how late you are with the appointment. If 2 or 3 weeks have elapsed, your vet will give your kitten or puppy two vaccinations just 2 to 3 weeks apart. However, if more than 5 weeks has elapsed, your vet may recommend restarting your pet’s vaccination course.